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Collaborative group decision making for anyone, anywhere, today! Create a community platform where everyone can equally and honestly engage to shape solutions that directly affect their lives.

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Defora, which stands for Deliberative Decision Making Forums For All, is a collaborative decision making platform which helps teams reach solid conclusions from their collaboration sessions and good decisions. It minimizes the possibility of reaching a bad decision through its technology and innovative features. Defora’s carefully designed interface and features signpost expectations and streamline participation toward an outcome, serving as an unbiased and impartial facilitator.

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Defora's decision making features



To encourage open and honest dialogue, group activities can be anonymous



Contributions to a group decision that ensures a fair opportunity to all participants



Clear signposts keep members focused and activities are designed to guide toward a tangible outcome



Create decision flows suitable to every needs and reflect changing priorities in real time



All activity on the same topic or issue is connected to ensure transparency

Creating solutions

Defora can be used by anyone, anywhere – if you’ve got a group decision, Defora’s there to help you navigate the process, mediation and result. 

Defora presents a digital solution for workplace democracy across geographical boundaries and teams, from employee satisfaction to product planning and strategy review. Defora is also your answer to unbiased, incentivized product or service surveys that give businesses the honest feedback to improve.

Different levels of governments, grassroots movements, political parties, communities and civil societies can use Defora to create accessible digital public forums to become a more inclusive and participatory institution. Defora has diverse uses starting with gathering feedback on implemented public policies to coordinating movement logistics, and setting agendas, priorities and party charters.

Students, academics, faculty, staff and management can all use Defora to enhance their decision making needs and improve transparent, honest dialogue in their field. It could be collaboration for setting curriculums, running student associations, or even course and faculty management feedback.

Our patented technology lets us keep users' data and privacy secure while performing eligibility checks

Authenticated Anonymous Identity (AAID) is the technology behind Defora’s privacy and anonymity features. AAID helps us authenticate users’ identity even though they might be anonymous, but more importantly AAID ensures that your digital footprint across Defora is not interlined to you. You no longer have to worry about losing your hard earned job or scholarship just because you shared your honest opinion and review.

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