Turn workflows into decision flows

With Defora, all your collaboration and group decision making tools are in one space, helping remote teams still make good decisions and create clear outcomes from collaborative sessions. 

Defora helps you organize collaborations and identify your next steps. No more getting lost in documents or long meetings.


Organize your collaborations

No more getting lost in documents or long meetings.



Clear signposts keep members focused and activities are designed to guide toward a tangible outcome



Create decision flows suitable to every needs and reflect changing priorities in real time



All activity on the same topic or issue is connected to ensure transparency

Go beyond ideation

Build on the momentum of a rewarding brainstorming session to delve deeper into ideas

Use decision flows to conclude workflows

Reach clear conclusions and decide on follow-ups with everyone on the same page

Easily understand context

View previous decision flows and build on them to design your team’s best practices together

Create a central knowledge base

Keep track of your team’s decisions and workflow conclusions in one place

Choose your activity type

“Activities” are Defora’s decision flows. There are 3 main activities: discussion, vote, review

Create a space to propose, respond and listen to your team

Stay on track

Deadlines set when creating activities are displayed on the activity summary, activity page and reminders on your feed. 

Collaborate in real time

If you’ve got teamwork, Defora’s there to help you. New opinions, likes, votes and engagement are reflected in real time.

Foster open & honest spaces

The anonymous option in activities is based on our patented technology that protects users’ identities, allowing a flow of honest feedback.

Increase engagement 

Keep track of updates on group activities, changes in your team’s thinking and any conclusions or decisions reached.

Bring productivity and clarity to your workflow

Focus your collaboration

Create activities with specific agenda that informs everyone of the goals, expected key results, and aims the collaboration to an outcome.

Find your voice

Group contributions are via the “voice” feature that’s distributed equally to all members at the start of the activity to ensure fair participation.

Your central point of focus

Keep up with all your decision flows and collaboration sessions in one place. Use the filter and other features to quickly navigate and remind yourself of deadlines

Nurture your leadership skills

Collaborations are no longer all about the pizzazz of your personality or wildly controversial ideas. Defora helps you organize your thoughts and listen to others.

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