Defora for remote work

With Defora, all your collaboration and group decision making tools are in one space, helping remote teams still make good decisions and create clear outcomes from collaborative sessions. 

Defora helps you organize collaborations and identify your next steps. No more getting lost in documents or long meetings.


Set things in motion without meetings

Clarify and set agenda

Set inclusive agendas for team meetings quickly and easily. Increased participation no longer means inefficiency.

Ideation to implementation

Conclude collaborations with clarity, helping your team decide follow-ups and ways to move ahead to put things in motion.

Collaborate in real time

If you’ve got teamwork, Defora’s there to help you. New opinions, likes, votes and engagement are reflected in real time.

Agree on details

In-person meetings are now unnecessary to decide on the details. Don’t overlook small, important details with group decisions that are easy to set up and reach.

Bring clarity to processes

Highlight specific details, requirements and expectations from team members at every step, and remove miscommunication and frustration from an already stressful time

Spend less time on video calls

Replace video calls and endless email chains with a simple activity that guides all participants and is designed to reach a conclusion. Agree on meeting agendas, brainstorm through discussion activities, decide on particulars with vote activities, and hold decisions accountable and receive honest feedback through review activities

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