Defora for votes

Votes on Defora comes with an array of customizable choices suitable for your decision flow. Use the vote activity to streamline your workflow and make informed decisions – choose between ballot types, engage in a comments section to ensure decisions aren’t made in vacuum and reach verifiable, accountable results.

With Defora, all your collaboration and group decision making tools are in one space, helping remote teams still make good decisions and create clear outcomes from collaborative sessions. 


Grow with your team on the same page

Good decisions are inclusive, voteable and based on consensus.
Defora's vote activity helps focus attention on a specific issue, reach consensus, and gain legitimacy.

Fair consensus based decisions

Build on the momentum of a rewarding brainstorming session to delve deeper into ideas.

Personalized formats for your team

Reach clear conclusions and decide on follow-ups with everyone on the same page.

Bring accountability to follow-ups

View previous decision flows and build on them to design your team’s best practices together.

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