Terms of Service

Chapter 1: Welcome!

     Article 1. Purpose and Definition

Thank you for using the services provided by Korea Smart Authentication Corp (“Company” or ”KoSAC”). To facilitate your use of the Collaborative Decision Platform Services (“Services” or ”Defora”) provided by the Company, the Company has prepared Defora Terms of Service (“Terms” ). You may join and use Defora by agreeing to these Terms. Please read these terms carefully as they set out the basic terms, conditions, and procedures for using Defora, such as your rights, obligations, and responsibilities. Keywords used in these terms are as follows.

  1. “User” means a person who enters into a contract with “Company” and accesses “Defora” and can continuously use the contents and services provided by “Company” in accordance with these Terms. Therefore, from the time you join “Defora”, you become a “user”. 
  2. “Account” refers to a unit set up to manage access control and usage history for various contents and various services by “user”, and one “account” corresponds to one “user”. Thus, in principle, you may only have one “Account” throughout the “Defora”, and no “Defora” access is possible without an “Account”.
  3. “AAID” means a combination of letters and numbers assigned by “Company” to “User” to identify “User” within a particular content area that is accessed by several “Users” simultaneously- automatically generated by the algorithm. In a specific content area, one “user” will only have one “AAID,” but beyond that content area, other “area” can have a different “AAID.” In other words, you can have as many “AAIDs” as the number of content areas you use throughout “Defora,” and each AAID are unique values.
  4. “Apps” are computer software programs developed and distributed by “Company” as a means to provide “Defora” to “Users.”
  5. “PIN” refers to the combination of numbers registered by you “User” to control access to your “AAID” and contents. 
  6. “Biometric data” means information about an individual’s physical or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints, irises, veins, faces, voices, and signatures, including raw original information and feature information extracted from it. “Company” can use fingerprint, face, etc. as “biological information” within the range supported by the user device.  
  7. “Biometric authentication” refers to a technology that controls access to “Defora” by confirming that “user” is the user using “biometrics.” “Company” can protect the privacy of “User” by utilizing the “PIN” and “Biometric Authentication” function provided by the terminal device used by “User.”
  8. “Point” means a means of receiving or paying in return for generating content or using certain functions in “Defora.”
  9. “POU” or “Proof of Uniqueness” is unique identifiable information which the “company” uses to confirm that the person attempting to join “Defora” is not a fictitious person but actually exists and does not already have another valid “account.” Currently, the company uses the hash value extracted from the mobile phone number owned by the “user” as “POU.” However, it can be replaced by a more convenient and secure means in the future through steady research and development.
  10. “Public address” is a combination of letters and numbers that the “Company” gives to “User” to send and receive points. It is also used to distinguish users of “Defora” from other “Users” in specific content areas without revealing the “User”‘s identity or “AAID” to others. “Public address” is generated automatically by the public key algorithm and hash algorithm included in “Defora.” Like “AAID,” within a specific content area, one “User” has only one “public address,” but outside that content area, other content areas may have a different “public address.” This means that you can have as many “Public addresses” as the number of content areas you use throughout “Defora,” and each “Public address” has unique values.
  11. A “Group” refers to a unit consisting of several “Users” to share content. A “Group” corresponds to a community such as a company, school, team, village, or club. Just as a person can belong to multiple communities at the same time, within “Defora,” one “User” can participate in multiple “Groups.”
  12. “POE” or “Credentials” means a procedure or means to verify that a “User” is entitled to access and use certain “Groups” of content. The choice of which “Credentials” to use in specific “Group” can be set by the person who created the “Group” or by the “Company” with “User”‘s commission. Currently supported “certification” measures are email address, OAuth, DID, etc.
  13. An “Activity” is a unit of contents created by a group of “Users” who belong to a “Group” to participate in a particular topic. An “Activity” corresponds to one meeting session, survey, or poll. You may create your own “Activity” so that others can participate in it, or you may participate in “Activity” created by others.
  14. “Display Name” is a value that is used for “Users” to recognize each other in a “Group.” There are two types of “Display Name.” First is “Group Display Name,” which the user can choose for themselves for each “Group” they are a member of. Second is “Nickname,” a randomly and automatically assigned “Display Name” to “Users” in “Activities.” There cannot be more than one same “Display name” within one “Activity.” The “User” who creates an “Activity” can decide which “Display Name” to use for the “Activity” in the advanced settings. 
  15. “Recovery phrase” is a set of English words, used to restore “User”‘s “Account” in case change of device or reinstallation of the “app”. The algorithm included in “Defora” recovers the initial AAID and public address of the “user” corresponding to “account” from the “Recovery phrase” that the “User” inputs. 

     Article 2. Effectiveness and Change of Terms

① The contents of this Agreement shall be posted on the “App” or otherwise announced and will be effective for all “Users” who have agreed to these Terms.

② If necessary, the Company may change these Terms and Conditions without violating related laws. If these Terms are changed, the Company shall announce or notify the changes in the Defora Notice from the 15 days before the effective date. In case of inevitable circumstances, the Company shall change the contents within Defora within 30 days before the effective date. We will notify you individually by using a separate electronic means, such as displaying a notification message.

③ If, after the Company notices you of the changes, you do not express any concerns or rejection until seven days after the date of the notification, it means an explicit consent from you that you accept the changes. 

④ You can choose to terminate the use contract by expressing your intention to reject the changed terms.

⑤ In principle, these Terms of Service shall apply from the date you agree to these Terms of Service until the termination of the User Agreement under Article 13 of these Terms of Service. However, some provisions of these Terms may still be valid after the termination of the Agreement.

     Article 3. Other Terms and Conditions

Matters not provided in these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the provisions of the relevant laws or detailed sub-Defora Terms of Use, Operating Policies, and Rules (collectively, the ‘Detailed Guidelines’). In addition, if there is any conflict between these Terms and the Detailed Guidelines, the Detailed Guidelines will take precedence.

Chapter 2: Defora Agreement

     Article 4. Establishment of Contract and Accession to Defora

① The Defora Terms of Service is established when you agree with the Terms, and the Company accepts your application to use Defora.

② To apply to use Defora, you must enter your mobile phone number through the “App” and verify your mobile phone, and check your uniqueness.

③ If your mobile phone is successfully verified, your “Account” will be created to complete your Defora onboarding.

④ You are responsible for managing the recovery phrases and PIN for your Defora account. Any consequences derived from your loss of recovery phrases and PIN is solely your responsibility.

① The Defora Terms of Service is established when you agree with the Terms, and the Company accepts your application to use Defora. 

② To apply to use Defora, you must enter your mobile phone number through the “App” and verify your mobile phone, and check your uniqueness.

③ If your mobile phone is successfully verified, your “Account” will be created to complete your Defora onboarding.

④ You are responsible for managing the recovery phrases and PIN for your Defora account. Any consequences derived from your loss of recovery phrases and PIN is solely your responsibility. 

     Article 5: Restrictions on Subscription to Services

① In principle, the Company will accept the user’s application to use Defora in accordance with Article 4.  However, the Company may withhold or reject the application in the following circumstances until the issue is resolved. In particular, if you are under 14, you can join Defora only with the consent of your legal representative, such as your parents.

  1. When you try to join Defora using someone else’s name or personal information (phone number, email address, etc.)
  2. If you repeatedly create and delete accounts in an unusual way
  3. If Defora does not have any more capacity to host more users 
  4. If Defora temporarily suspend service to resolve problems
  5. The Company ceases service due to financial and technical challenges
  6. When a suspended user who terminates the Defora contract and applies to re-join during the suspension period
  7. When it violates other related laws or violates the standards set by the Company such as detailed guidelines

② If you have already signed up for the service but it is determined that you are in 1, 2, 6, or 7 of the circumstances listed above, the Company shall immediately take appropriate measures, such as deleting your account or suspending access to Defora. 

Chapter 3: Using Defora

     Article 6. Provision of Various Services

① Defora is a service designed to enable you and your community to effectively and efficiently solve problems and make decisions based on free and equal voice. To do this, Defora provides users with the following features:

  • Group-related features: Users can create groups in Defora, invite others, or join groups created by other users. There are Public groups, which do not restrict who can join, and Private groups, which limit participation based on eligibility requirements. Anyone can search for and view the contents of Public groups. Only invited people can join and view the contents of Private groups. 
  • Activity-related features: Users can create new activities or join activities created by other users within the groups they members in. You can participate in activities by write opinions, comments, vote, review, or like other users’ opinions. 
  • Other features: Includes features to provide better user experience by complementing the two main features above. They are including but not limited to reports based on activities, threading activities of the same topic, muting contents you wish to no longer view, and reward points. The Company will continue to update and add more useful features to improve your experience.

② The Company provides you with a personal, worldwide, non-transferable, non-exclusive, free license to the App to enable you to take full advantage of Defora’s features and the various content provided through Defora. Please note that the Company does not grant you the right to use the Company’s trademarks and logos.

③ The Company can provide an updated version of the App for improved Service. Updates to the App include adding important features or removing unnecessary features. Please keep updating it so that you can enjoy Defora.

④ The Company may display various information in Defora, including various notices and administrative messages related to the use of Defora.

⑤ If you find any problem, such as system error while using Defora, please let us know at support@defora.io.

⑥ Please note that if you use Defora without connecting to Wi-Fi, you can be charged a separate data communication fee from your mobile carrier. Data communication charges incurred in using Defora shall be paid to the carrier at your expense and responsibility. Please contact your carrier for more information on data rates.

     Article 7. Changes and Termination of Services

① The company will put best effort to provide Defora 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, in the following cases, all or part of Defora may be restricted or stopped.

  1. In the case of regular or temporary checks for the maintenance and repair of facilities for Defora 
  2. When there is a problem in regular use of Defora due to power outage, failure of facilities or, congestion
  3. If all or part of Defora cannot be maintained due to the company’s circumstances such as termination of contracts with affiliated companies, government orders, or regulations. 
  4. If there are reasons such as natural disaster, national emergency, etc. 

② In the case of discontinuance of Defora according to the preceding paragraph, we will notify or notify you in the manner prescribed in Article 17 in advance. However, if advance notice or notice is not possible due to unforeseeable or uncontrollable reasons we may not be able to do so. In this case, we will try to recover Defora as soon as possible after the company understands the situation. Today, the company provides services through a trusted cloud to prevent this from happening and minimize the inconvenience for you. 

     Article 8. Management of Posts

① You may post content (“Contents”) within Defora, including photos, articles, information, videos, files, comments, or suggestions about Defora or the Company. If your post includes any content that violates related laws such as the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (the ”Information and Communications Network Act”) and copyright law, the owner shall relay the relevant information to the Company in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations. We may request deletion, and the Company will take action according to the related laws. 

② Even if there is no request from the copyrights holder, the Company may take temporary measures on the relevant Contents by the related laws when there is a reason for infringement of the rights or violates other Company’s policies and related laws.

③ The detailed procedures related to the above follow the procedures set by the Company within the scope prescribed by the Information Communication Network Act and the Copyright Act.

     Article 9. Attribution of rights and use of contents

① All rights, including intellectual property rights, to your posts are, of course, reserved by you. However, if the Contents you posted contains data that corresponds to a third party’s intellectual property rights, you cannot claim your rights. You are obliged to take all necessary steps to ensure that your Contents do not infringe on any third party’s rights.

② The Company requires a specific license for all content within Defora to operate, activate, and improve Defora. If you post to Defora, you are granting the Company an exclusive, royalty-free, permanent, worldwide, transferable license to use, store, modify, reproduce or otherwise publicly publish, display, distribute or sublicense your posts to a reasonable extent.

③ Defora includes the ability to share or post your posts with other users. Sharing means that you use Defora to send an email, post some or all of your Content, send it, upload it, or otherwise make it available to your Company or other users. Other users may use, store, duplicate, modify, reshare, or distribute your posts in a number of ways. You are solely responsible for your Contents, so you should carefully consider which posts you share or share. 

④ In order to provide a license for your posts to the Company, or to share or disclose the Posts with the Company or other users, you must have the rights to the Content. Any issues arising from your failure to hold these rights will be the responsibility of the publisher, you. Also, you may not disclose or post any content that is sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise violates public morals and ordinances.

⑤ The Company has the right to refuse or delete some of your Contents if they violate related laws or indecent or harmful to adolescents, promote discrimination conflicts, or are advertisements, spamming posts, posts about the transfer, or trading of accounts, and posts impersonating others. However, despite the Company’s best effort, we are not obliged to review all Content. If someone has violated your rights, you can get help with the takedown request through our Help Center. Please contact support@defora.io for specific criteria and restrictions.

⑥ Defora may display Content that is not owned by the Company. Such Content is at the sole responsibility of the entity providing the Content. The fact that you have the right to use Defora freely does not mean that you have the licenses for other users’ Content. In order to use Content from other users you access through Defora for purposes other than Defora, you must obtain separate permission from the owner of the intellectual property rights in such Content.

⑦ When sending any ideas, suggestions, documents or opinions (collectively “Feedbacks”) about new features or services to the Company you agree that (i) Your feedback does not include any third party confidential or proprietary information, and (ii) There is no explicit or implied confidentiality obligation to the user’s Feedback; (iii) the Company may be considering or developing comments similar to yours; (iv) not responsible for reviewing, considering, or implementing the Feedback; (V) You grant Company a non-revocable, royalty-free, permanent, worldwide, negotiable license to use, modify, post, display, distribute, and sublicense your Feedback. Therefore, in such an event, you waive any claim made to Defora and its users for any rights contained in such Feedback.

     Article 10. Purchase of Points and Paid Contents

① Some features of Defora can only be used by using points. Points can be earned for free through participation in a group or activity or can be purchased at a fee. Apart from points, Defora may include paid content. The app includes in-app payments for points and paid content purchases.

② The user will purchase points or paid content from the App Store of a specific operator depending on the type of device using Defora. Since the in-app payment policy is different for each App Store operator, even if you purchase the same points or paid content, the final payment amount may be different depending on the App Store you use. The purchase price is charged according to the method and policy of each carrier, platform provider, and app store provider linked with the app store operator, and the payment method is also based on the payment policy of these providers.

③ The Company may request additional payment information, which is essential for payment, and you must provide the payment information required by the Company correctly.

④ Periodically, monthly payments are made to users who purchase points or subscribe to paid content on a regular basis by automatically charging points in a monthly basis, and are automatically charged monthly unless the user requests the withdrawal of the automatic charging option. It’s possible.

⑤ Purchased points and paid contents can only be used within the user’s account, and cannot be transferred, rented, sold or exchanged to others. However, exceptions will be given when the Company decides otherwise.

⑥ You should prevent unwanted in-app payments by using the password or biometric authentication function provided by your device or the user authentication function provided by the App Store operator or mobile carrier.

⑦ The Company shall not bear any responsibility for in-app payments that the user did not try to protect in-app payments to a reasonable level or inadvertently made by the user.

⑧ If the user subscribes to the mobile phone company’s youth plan, the Company considers the consent of the legal representative for in-app payment made on the device.

⑨ The payment limit may be granted or adjusted for each payment method according to the Company’s policies and the policies of the payment companies (mobile carriers, app store operators, etc.).

⑩ The cost of points and paid contents and payment fees for purchases may be changed according to the policies of the Company or the affiliates.

Information not defined in this section shall be outlined in the separate detailed terms and conditions for Defora paid service and sale of contents. If there is any conflict between the contents of this section and each of the detailed terms, the terms of the detailed terms and conditions shall apply.

     Article 11. Cancellation and Refund

① You can cancel your purchase (withdrawal) within seven days from the purchase date of paid points or other paid contents. If the contents of purchased points or paid contents are different from the display/advertisement or are executed differently from the contents of the purchase, cancellation of purchase without additional fee within three months from the date of purchase is possible. The Company will refund you the purchase price without delay if your reason for canceling your purchase is justified. However, no refund will be given for points that have already been used or are considered to be used.

② If the purchased Points cannot be used for reasons attributable to the Company, the Company will compensate for the same or similar points or paid contents or refund the purchase price in full regardless of the purchase date.

③ Refunds for paid points or paid content will be processed according to the refund policy of the app store operator you use, and the detailed refund application procedure will be subject to the operation policy of the app store operator. In addition, if the refund for the purchased points is completed, the points corresponding to the refund amount will be deducted. In addition, if points are paid differently to the method specified, the Company will follow in ② of this Article. However, if you have used some of the points you received as a result of your purchase, we will compensate you by deducting the amount of the points you have used.

④ Points acquired for free or points received from other users, company events, etc. are not eligible for a refund.

⑤ The Company shall take measures to prevent the exercise of the right to cancel purchases by displaying the instructions on the reasons for the cancellation of the purchase of points or paid contents before in-app payment. If the Company does not do this, you may request to cancel your purchase despite the reasons for the cancellation of purchase. However, cancellation of purchase is limited in the following cases.

  • Points or paid content used immediately after purchase
  • The additional benefits provided with the purchase of points or paid content have already been used
  • Part of the Points or Paid Contents Sold as Packed (Packaged) is Used
  • When some of the points or paid contents are exhausted, or the expiration date has expired, making it difficult to sell the collected points or paid contents again.

⑥ If a minor purchases points or paid content through in-app payment without the consent of the legal representative, the minor or legal representative may cancel the in-app payment. However, if the minor’s in-app payment is within the scope of the property authorized to be disposed of by a legal representative, or the minor is allowed to believe as a mature adult by using histories, the cancellation is limited. Whether the buyer is a minor is determined based on the name of the payment method, such as an in-app payment terminal or credit card. If you are requesting a minor to cancel your payment, you must submit to the Company documents that can prove that the buyer is a minor and that you can prove the buyer’s legal representative.

⑦ In-app payment will be based on the payment method provided by the App Store. Therefore, if overpayment occurs in this process, you should request a refund from the App Store Operator. If an overpayment occurs during the in-app payment process, and the Company requests a refund (including cancellation), the Company will request a refund of the overpayment to the app store operator only if it is possible according to the policy and system of the app store operator. Refunds for overpayments will be by Article 12-3. However, if the App Store Operator restricts the Company’s agent for refunding the overpayment, you must request the Overpayment Refund directly to the App Store.

     Article 12. Effect of cancellation of purchase

① If you cancel your purchase under Article 11, paragraph 1, the Company will collect or delete the relevant points or paid content without delay, and refund the payment received within three business days from the collection date or deletion date or refund through the cancellation of payment. You should.

② In the case of ①, when the Company delays the refund to you, the delayed period calculated by multiplying the interest rate prescribed by the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

③ The Company shall, upon reimbursement, promptly request the payment by the business operator who provided the payment method when the payment was made by the credit card or other payment method specified in the Enforcement Decree of the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce. However, if the Company has already received payment from the payer, it must refund the payer and notify you of it.

④ In the event that you cancel your purchase pursuant to the text of Article 11, paragraph 1, you shall bear the cost of returning points or paid contents, etc. (unless the content is different from the contents of the display/advertisement or otherwise implemented). The Company will not charge you a penalty or damages for canceling your purchase.

     Article 13. The Attentive Points and Methods to use the Comprehensive Service

① You are free to use Defora. However, the following issues are not allowed.

  1. Copy, distribute, or otherwise disclose Defora’s Content on any medium, including, but not limited to, automatic or non-automatic “scraping.”
  2. Using automated systems such as “robots,” “spiders” and “offline readers” to connect to Defora by sending more request messages to company servers than humans can reasonably produce Act
  3. Send spam, chain letters, or other unwanted emails to your Company or users
  4. Attempt to breach system integrity or security, or decrypt any transmission to or from a server running Defora.
  5. Intentional unreasonable or excessive load or attempt to impose infrastructure
  6. Upload invalid data, viruses, worms or other software agents to Defora
  7. Collect information such as AAIDs, public addresses, recovery phrases, PINs, display names, phone numbers, emails, and biometrics from other users in Defora
  8. Use Defora for commercial purposes, such as selling or advertising your products or services;
  9. Fraudulent activities, such as impersonating another person or entity, or falsely establishing a relationship with another person or entity
  10. Interfere with Defora’s proper operation
  11. Use or attempt to use Defora’s features or content through any technology or means not provided or authorized by Defora
  12. Bypass the content restricted by Defora 
  13. Disparage, insult, stalk, harass, slander, abuse, threaten, intimidate or threaten to lie about any person or entity
  14. Posting publicly or privately any personal information or confidential information, such as credit card information, social security number or personally identifiable information, telephone number, email address, residence address, work address, family relationship, etc.
  15. Harassment by stalking, misleading or malicious reporting of another user
  16. Violate other current laws, these Terms, and detailed instructions regarding the services provided by the Company;

② You are responsible for any issues arising from your use of Defora and posting of content on Defora. The content you post to Defora will be shared or disclosed to the content area that posted it, that is, to other users with access to your group or activity. Therefore, users should only post content that will not offend or inconvenience them.

③ It is your responsibility to ensure that your PIN, biometrics, recovery text, etc. are not leaked, lost, or stolen by others. Someone else accesses your device with the Defora app you use, copies the private key associated with your account stored on your device, lends your device to others, or tells you your device password. You are solely responsible for any issues resulting from accessing your Defora account.

④ You may not assign or give Defora’s right to use or another contractual status to others or provide it as collateral.

⑤ The content, form, quality, characteristics, and related policies of the Services that the Company provides to you through Defora may change from time to time without notice. In addition, the Company may suspend any or all of the features, content, and services you provide through Defora temporarily or permanently without prior notice.

     Article 14. Termination of Use Agreement

① If you delete your Defora Account, the Company will assume that you intend to terminate your Defora Agreement, and your Defora Agreement will automatically terminate.

② If you wish to terminate the Defora User Agreement, you may terminate the Defora User Agreement at any time by clicking the corresponding menu included in the Defora App.

③ Upon termination of the Defora User Agreement, all other personal information of you will be deleted except as required by applicable laws and the Defora Privacy Policy. At this time, however, your posts that you have shared or made available to others for normal use of Defora will not be deleted.

④ If you wish to delete your posts that have not been deleted in accordance with the preceding paragraph, you will need the consent of other users who participate in the activity. The Company will, in response to your request to delete, post only if you have the explicit consent of others, or if you can reasonably estimate such consent, and if you can objectively confirm that the post to be removed is yours. You can delete it.

⑤ The contract for points and paid contents purchases will be included in the termination of this Terms. In this case, the Company will take the necessary steps to process for missed payments, settlement of points or paid contents, and refunds issues. If you were using the automatic periodic payment option to purchase points and paid content, the automatic periodic payment option will be canceled, and you will not be charged from the next payment date upon the termination of your Defora subscription.

⑥ At any time after the termination of the Defora Terms of Service, you may re-apply to Defora and establish Terms with the Company. However, if your use of Defora has ceased due to your failure to comply with applicable laws, these Terms and Conditions, and the detailed guidelines, the Company may refuse your application, until such reasons are resolved.

     Article 15. Protection of Personal Information

The primary task of the Company is to securely process the Users’ personal information. Such information shall be used to provide a seamless Service only within purpose and scope agreed between the Parties hereto. Unless the Users have made a separate consent, or except as otherwise prescribed in the relevant laws and regulations, the Company must not provide the Users’ personal information, which the Members can rest assured. The Users can find which efforts the Company exerts to securely process their personal information in the Defora Privacy Policy.

Chapter 4: Others

     Article 16. Indemnification for Damage

① With regard to the Service, the Company must not assure or guarantee any specific matters that are not prescribed in this Comprehensive Terms of Service within the scope permitted under the relevant laws and regulations. The Company shall provide no warranty on credibility and accuracy of information, data and fact posted in the Service in a way that the Contents Provider (CP) offer or the Users write and shall take no responsibility for any loss occurred without the Company’s negligence.

② The Company will compensate for any loss caused by its negligence, under this Comprehensive Terms of Service and the relevant laws and regulations; provided, however, that the Company shall take no responsibility for any loss occurred without its negligence as prescribed in the following subparagraphs. Furthermore, the Company shall take no liability for indirect, particular, consequential, disciplinary and punitive loss.

  1. Any loss occurred in an uncontrollable state including natural disaster or equivalent force majeure
  2. Service error due to reasons attributable to the Users
  3. Personal loss arising from access to or use of the Comprehensive Service
  4. Any loss originated from illegal access to or use of the Company’s Server by a third party
  5. Any loss originated from impeded transmission to or from the Company’s Server by a third party
  6. Any loss originated from transmission or spread of malware by a third party
  7. Any loss arising from use of the Service by a third-party including damage or defamation caused by omission, deletion, destruction, etc. of transmitted data
  8. Any other loss arising from acts of the Company that are not intentional or negligent

③ The Company shall take responsibility neither for any loss of expected profit from the Service use, nor for any damage caused by data from the Service

④ The Company shall have no obligation to intervene in any conflict between you and a third-party regarding the Service and take no responsibility therefor.

     Article 17. Notice and announcement

Communication with the Users is most valued by the Company. The Members can contact support@defora.io and raise their opinions at any time. Notification for all Members shall come into force by being posted in the App for no less than seven (7) days. Any notification that may gravely affect your conditions shall be individually sent to your registered device App.

     Article 18. Dispute Settlement

This Comprehensive Terms of Service or the Comprehensive Service shall be stipulated and executed under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea. In case of any disputes arising out of or related to use of the Comprehensive Service between the Parties concerned, the Company shall faithfully consult with the other Party hereto to resolve such issues. Unless the foregoing conflicts are settled, the Company may file a lawsuit to a competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

  • Notification Date: Feb 27, 2020
  • Enforcement Date: Feb 27, 2020

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