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Defora currently offers three basic activity templates for different decision making needs: discussion, vote and review. Let Defora help you discover a decision flow suited for your wants and needs today!

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Discussion Activity Template

★ Discussion can be used for ideation, brainstorming or even suggestion boxes. 

★ Members can exchange their opinions on a topic or issue through posting their opinion, commenting on other opinions and likes. 

★ Each member has an equal number of voice to use to engage in the discussion, and can request more voice if exhausted or delegate their voice to other members. 

★ At the end of a discussion, the opinion with the highest number of likes is selected as the top opinion.

Review Activity Template

★ Review can be used for product or service surveys, consumer surveys, performance evaluation and self-evaluations. 

★ Members can review performances, strategies or participate in surveys and the format of questions are customizable. 

★ At the end of a review, the template generates a simplified results page for a quick bird’s eye view and a detailed page for more insight. 

Vote Activity Template

★ Vote can be used for any decision making needs that requires members to select preferred options among a set of predetermined options. 

★ Members can vote on issues and comment on voteable options. Ballot types, viewable live results and revoting features are customizable according to needs. 

★ At the end of a vote, the template generates the result where the option with the highest number of votes is selected as the top option, as well as a list of additional comments members might have had for each option.

Connected activities

Connect activities on related topics or issues. Create new related activities from previous closed activities, easily view if an ongoing activity has a content and history, and access all connected activities across an issue through your activity threads.

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