Surveys, Reviews & Polls

Collaborative group decision making for anyone, anywhere, today! Create a community platform where everyone can equally and honestly engage to shape solutions that directly affect their lives.

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Honest service and product reviews

⭐️ Collect honest reviews for product trials and test groups, and services. Defora’s points systems allows participants to be incentivized and rewarded equally, and Defora’s guaranteed anonymity helps reviews retain integrity and credibility. 

Say goodbye to the frustrations of joint research projects

💬 Set deadlines and flag agenda to guide conversations for collaborative research project. Comprehensively contribute and address issues through the opinion, comment and like features.

🗳 Pinpoint issues to be addressed or areas of discipline to be emphasized, without peer pressure or a more established researcher from dominating the collaboration unilaterally. 

⭐️ Evaluate the resulting paper and collaborators fairly, which can be used as future reference or by the funding organization to improve on future research collaborations. 

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