Public Policy and Communities

Collaborative group decision making for anyone, anywhere, today! Create a community platform where everyone can equally and honestly engage to shape solutions that directly affect their lives.

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Accessible community decision making is now an easy tap away!

💬 Collect and organize feedback and raised issues in your apartment complex or local neighbourhood. Attend townhall meetings and exercise your right without worrying about having to take a day off from work, having your opinion dismissed on basis of your identity, or having to drive a mile away to the venue.

🗳 Delegate budget, set an apartment recycling day, decide on dates and themes for local neighbourhood events, create guidelines for your community garden.

⭐️ Evaluate local elected representatives and community leaders. Review your apartment’s safety measures, your landlord’s policies, and community events that could have been more accessible. 

Policy action and large-scale governance is now open & informative

💬 Identify issues, focus conversation around key agenda, and create and adopt key environmental and public space policies together as a constituent. 

🗳 Delegate budget to important projects, decide on dates and themes for city events, create guidelines for city-wide public transportation and recycling practices.

⭐️ Collect honest evaluations of policies rolled out by targeted stakeholders to improve public services and welfare. 

What's a representative party or union without representation?

💬 Create inclusive and well-represented goals, messages and documents for political parties, organizations and unions. Include all members across the organizational hierarchy in key decisions that define the core message the organization stands for. Brainstorm recruiting methods, the way forward, and organized collective action. 

🗳 Create accountable decisions about the campaign, budget and leadership. Easily coordinate operations and the message of international movements.

⭐️ Evaluate elected representatives, and the success of movements and unions. Allow members to self-evaluate their contribution and commitment to the organization.

Efficiently coordinate partnerships with and within civil societies

💬 Identify key words, trends and brainstorm ideas. Create suggestion boxes and encourage a culture toward civil societies being in touch with the times and needs of communities. 

🗳 Prioritize funding and partnerships, causes and issues to address. 

⭐️ Honestly evaluate projects than get mired in red-tape surveys. Fairly evaluate public-private partnerships to improve services and aid provided to the community. 

Review policies with honest responses from key stakeholders

💬 Collect comprehensive feedback on a policy, identify loopholes and  determine if the public services truly reach the intended demographic.  

🗳 Allow constituents and community members, individuals directly affected, to decide which public policies are needed.

⭐️ Collect honest reviews on policy and service experiments to improve equality and standards of living.  

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