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Collaborative group decision making for anyone, anywhere, today! Create a community platform where everyone can equally and honestly engage to shape solutions that directly affect their lives.

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Translate workplace democracy into more committed, invested and satisfied employees

💬 Create an inclusive space for employees to identify, raise and disclose issues that need to be resolved, promoting a more transparent work environment.

🗳 Decentralize decisions that affect everyone in the office, from guidelines for peer review to welfare policies to office shared space etiquette.

⭐️ Carry out fair management and peer reviews that encourage employees to be honest and open without fear of repercussions, by ensuring their privacy and anonymity. Create connected activities to act upon review results. 

The best ideas come out of nowhere. Use Defora to bookmark and identify them!

💬 Identify key words, trends and brainstorm ideas. Create suggestion boxes and encourage a culture open to innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. 

🗳 Focus on core ideas and provide an open floor for challenging and intriguing questions to enter the floor at all times.

⭐️ Finally receive honest feedback and evaluation of projects and tasks, that helps teams identify problems before forging ahead.

Mediated safe spaces are more effective than passive aggressive glaring or hostility in the workplace

💬 Create a safe space for dispute resolution. Start with the first step of dialogue and identifying trigger points of all parties involved. 

🗳 Establish rules for shared common spaces like the kitchen and setting the air-conditioning temperature. Create rules for holding members accountable and responsible that are legitimate when they include everyone in the decision.

⭐️ Follow up on conflict resolution through the discussion template. Honest feedback on projects and tasks helps management identify inter-office conflict before it becomes a paralyzing problem.

Coordinate detailed decisions across teams and borders efficiently

💬 Set clear deadlines and agenda to coordinate operations across teams, regions and branches instead of a thread of unread emails and messages that leave company performance hanging. 

🗳Decide between different choices across time zones and borders, without worrying about power lobbying, peer pressure or waiting for the results since you live in the future. Start-ups and small companies that need to coordinate with each other in shared spaces can vote on setting common rules with passive aggressive dissatisfaction.

⭐️ Hold all cross-team, region and operation decisions accountable instead of abandoning certain projects and responsibilities. 

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