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Collaborative group decision making for anyone, anywhere, today! Create a community platform where everyone can equally and honestly engage to shape solutions that directly affect their lives.

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Ensure honest reviews & feedback by students

💬 Carry out comprehensive, holistic assessment and further improvements to  department policies, and courses needed. Create a guaranteed space for concerns raised by students to be taken into consideration.

🗳Conduct non-biased votes of the best faculty of the year, and focus opinions of a massive student body into a legitimate, accountable process of deciding which improvements to prioritise for the academic year.

⭐️ An improved feedback system where students can be honest without fearing the academic repercussions.

Creating relevant and thoughtful curriculum has never been easier!

💬 An inclusive assessment of current curriculum and improvements. Invite all parties involved on equal footing, including lower level faculty who are often overlooked but spend more time in the classroom. Create curriculums that balance topical issues with classical literature. 

🗳Narrow curriculum focus and priorities, and choose reading lists. 

⭐️Evaluate the relevance and intrigue quotient of curriculums adopted.

A better balancing act for your management, faculty and students

💬 Discover and balance needs of the student body, faculty, staff and the administrative budget. Prioritize urgent issues that need an overhaul and allow more ideas to be considered.

🗳 Allocate budget and funding according to the recipient needs rather than administrative prerogative. Improving school facilities and infrastructure is easier and better when the real problem potholes can be identified, prioritized, and fixed.

⭐️ Evaluate school policies, helping the department be responsive and stay in the current era.

The future of student associations is here

💬 Coordinate discussions across a massive student body, allowing students to exercise their rights and become interested, committed citizens. Create space for marginalised groups on campus to highlight their needs and raise issues, and remove the insidious side of campus peer pressure and bullying from conversations that matter.

🗳 Coordinate student activities and opinions in a coherent stream for a better approach to relay student demands to the school’s faculty and management.

⭐️ Hold elected student representatives accountable, track your self growth, and a fair evaluation of student associations.

It’s time for promotions & research funding to be open and accountable

💬 Set guidelines for promotions and tenure track that are no longer arbitrary and unfair. Identify and address issues raised by faculty instead of losing them to the next best university.

🗳 Prioritize research that is crucial to the discipline and in need of funding based on an objective evaluation of the proposal’s merit. Create better accountable decisions by including all stakeholders affected by administration’s policies to decide fair rules for promotions.

⭐️ Evaluate research and projects produced and funded by the department. Hold regular annual reviews of faculty employment systems that can no longer be ignored by the administration.

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