Defora for reviews

Reviews on Defora are easy to set up, encourage honest feedback, and helps identify hidden problems. Use the review activity to prioritize both satisfaction and performance – create surveys that are easy to participate in and regularly listen to incoming feeback.

With Defora, all your collaboration and group decision making tools are in one space, helping remote teams still make good decisions and create clear outcomes from collaborative sessions. 


Safeguard the integrity of evaluations

Reviews that are honest, detailed and informative are most valuable.
Defora's review activity helps gather information efficiently, encourages honest answers and flexibly presents results.

A secure space to speak and listen

Responses are anonymous and digitally untraceable, giving respondents the trust to share honest opinions.

Personalized formats for your team

Choose from different questionnaire options to create a form just right for your team.

Bring nuance to numbers

Closed review templates present a bird-eye view of the results. Expand them to explore the data behind the average.

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