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Defora is designed based on our comprehensive understanding of an inclusive and efficient decision flow. We help you minimize the possibility of reaching a bad decision through its technology and innovative features.

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A step toward inclusionary decisions!​​

Defora designs a space for inclusivity through its innovative feature of ‘voice’ and its anonymity and privacy feature based on the patented technology AAID. 

‘Voice’ is the ability to participate in activities on Defora i.e., write an opinion or comment. It is distributed equally to all participants and capped at a limited number to ensure equal opportunity of speech, moderate the discussion toward its intended goal and limit any trolling. If you believe someone else has a valuable opinion to contribute you can delegate your voice. Anyone who has exhausted their voice can no longer participate and must request others to delegate their voice.

Defora lets you create anonymous topics where the display name of participating names will be hidden and a randomly generated name that differs across activities will be assigned to each participant. This is to encourage honest participation, and overcome peer pressure and power dynamics that prevent open dialogue.

A leap toward efficient, streamlined decisions!​​

Defora’s decision flow is seamlessly adopted through its ‘activities’ and ‘activity templates’ that efficiently guide group decision making processes toward a tangible outcome.

Defora is designed with different stages and features that are optional according to your needs. Defora’s decision flow can be directly customised to structure discussions and problem solving methods through templates that are available on the platform.

Each step of the decision making process is signposted on Defora. Simple tutorials and an intuitively easy to use user interface help signpost and spell out clear expectations for participants. Goodbye confusing, long meetings that have you deep in an existential crisis!

Every step of the decision making process on Defora is archived in real time that makes decisions more transparent, accountable and easily translated into implemented actions. Activities across the same topic can be interlinked together that lets you easily access the history and context of decisions. Hello to the digital age that doesn’t need stenographers and dusty piles of archived folders.

Three basic templates to structure your decisions

Templates are presets of decision making processes that help you identify goals and guide you through setting up an activity for the process. There are three available activity templates on Defora: discussion, review and vote

Use points to encourage and reward participation in activities!

Defora has a system of points that can be used within the app’s ecosystem to incentivize participation in activities. Users can use points to incentivise participation in activities they create by offering a number of points as a reward for participation. Alternatively, members can earn points by participating in activities that offer points. Our point system is designed to prevent it from negatively interfering with user behaviour and participation in activities as after all, our primary vision and goal is to design a space for inclusive and efficient decision making.

Stop looking for your needle in a haystack of meetings. Thread together activities for the same topic on Defora!

Understanding that decisions are complex and multifaceted, Defora is flexible to address your team’s unresolved problems or tangents. Defora lets you create new related activities from previous closed activities. Participants can easily view all linked activities as a thread, and activities that are linked to others will have a banner informing members that prior context and decisions exist.

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