Defora for discussions

Discussions on Defora are guided, always on topic, inclusive and productive. Use the discussion activity to experiment with your decision flow and streamline workflows – find better ways to brainstorm, create suggestion boxes, make decisions and mediate conflict.

With Defora, all your collaboration and group decision making tools are in one space, helping remote teams still make good decisions and create clear outcomes from collaborative sessions. 


Ensure team communications are two-way

Good communication is inclusive, comprehensive and efficient.
Defora's discussion activity helps focus your meeting, reach effective conclusions, and find consensus.

Equal opportunities to speak and listen

Think of “voice” as the opportunity to contribute to an ongoing meeting. Every time you share your idea or comment on someone else’s, you use your voice.

All members receive the same number of voice at the start of an activity. Once a member uses up all of their voice, they are unable to further share ideas or comment, preventing them from monopolizing a discussion.  Say goodbye to meetings where only a small group of people can confidently assert their opinions.

Multiple layers of productive engagement

Productive and effective discussions leave no stone unturned. Share your ideas by posting opinions, show support for someone else’s opinion by liking it, comment on an opinion to further focus discussion.

Bring clarity to the end process

A closed discussion activity neatly summarizes the different levels of engagement and content. The opinion with the highest support is quickly located as the top opinion. Decide on whether to anonymize the activity through the advanced settings when creating the activity.

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