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Defora is based on our ideal of a world where decisions are finally inclusive and a culture of open, honest dialogue and deliberation helps us reach better solutions together.

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Why are we still making exclusionary decisions?​​

Often teams and communities reach bad decisions that are not inclusive and do not incorporate the best solution. Wisdom of crowds is only achievable by knocking down barriers of an exclusionary decision making process.

Decisions are dominated by a small group of people, or often the loudest voice in the room tends to claim credit and dictate the discussion and decision.

Trying to censor yourself and your opinions because of social and peer pressure blocks constructive feedback and honest dialogue, which are so often the culprit behind thinking within the box.

(Sub)Conscious biases and a reluctance to overcome them create real barriers to including people, ideas and opinions when making decisions, at the detriment of the organization.

When you have an exclusionary decision making process, critical pieces of information get lost in translation, making you arrive at decisions that could have been avoided if only you had known the whole story.

Why are we still making inefficient decisions?​

Lack of moderation and unclear expectations make decision making processes confusing, inefficient and ineffective.

Decision making heavily depends on effective and impartial moderators to prevent it from spiralling into a never-ending discussion and to ensure a record exists. Yet this comes with a caveat as the moderator is given considerable more power and is trusted to be impartial and unbiased without any counter checks.

Without clear flags at every step of the way and outlined expectations for participants, a disorganized and convoluted decision making process leaves participants just exhausted and disillusioned about an inefficient and ineffective process.

Defora is based on the idea of decision flows

At Defora we believe in a comprehensive decision making process which is inclusive, allows space for all participants to equally participate without fear of repercussions, integrates feedback loops in every step, and is flexible according to each team’s or community’s needs. Defora is designed based on our notion of the most comprehensive decision flow.

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